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Transpak Bundle Tyer 65″ Strapper Model 702C

The new Transpak Model 702C Bundle Tyer has a very user & maintenance friendly design that doesn’t require tools in most cases. The Transpak brand is at least $7,500 less than the competition and has an 18 month parts warranty instead of the normal 12 months. It outperforms the competition in terms of value per strap cycle. We have over 70 installations with Rocktenn (4), Kapstone (4), IP (2), and Pratt (18) having multiple units installed. The 702C model is currently in stock so there is no lead time.

Upgrades from the old model include:

  • All brushless motors
  • New compact head design
  • No tools to maintain the strap guide
  • Air cylinder incorporated within the frame instead of on top
  • Counterbalanced conveyor bed for easy open and close

This model also includes:

  • Operator friendly buttons
  • Light tree alarm with low strap sensor
  • Hinged top plates that open fully for easy maintenance
  • Auto strap ejector
  • Patented jammed-strap ejection device
  • Full width pneumatic press
  • Single, Double, continuous strapping or transit mode
  • Knurled roller-driven table top
  • Variable conveyor speed
  • Strap end ejector
  • Adjustable pressure on press bar and squarer
  • Brushless DC motors

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