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50″ x 110″ Sunrise Flexo Folder Gluers and Rotary Die Cutters

Sunrise Flexo Folder Gluer

Size: 50″ x 110″

Model: FFG-1227TV

Feed Section

  • Sun Automation lead edge feeder
  • Automatic return to zero position Side guide position
  • Motorized with digital display Front stop position
  • Motorized with digital display Back stop position
  • Motorized by push button Feed roll nip control
  • Motorized, memory display
  • Double coated feed rolls
  • Pneumatic locking system

Print Section

  • Top Printing Laser engraved ceramic Anilox rolls
  • Doctor Blade ink system
  • Vacuum transfer system
  • Automatic return to zero position
  • Motorized control of register with digital display
  • Motorized control of printing cylinder rotation
  • Automatic engage and release of Anilox to print cylinder when feeder stops and starts Pnuematic locking system.

Dual Slotting Section

  • Automatic return to zero position Panel Size
  • Automatic with digital display Slotting depth
  • Automatic with digital display Box height
  • Automatic with digital display Nip Control
  • Motorized, with memory display

Rotary Die Cut Section

  • Automatic return to zero position speed compensation
  • Anvil grinding device
  • Dicar type anvil covers
  • Pneumatic locking system
  • Side delivery scrap conveyor

Folding Section

  • Downfold system
  • Vacuum belt transport system
  • Valco type glue system
  • Jam detection system
  • Folding belt speed control
  • Chrome plated shafts
  • Independent Drive system
  • Counter Ejector with down draft blower
  • All settings accessible from counter ejector panel
  • Variable speed control of ejecting belt
  • Omron PLC with Computer control for 2000 jobs order memory
  • Touch screen software

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