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75″ x 86″ Data Technology Samplemaker


Model DT2200, Reciprocating Knife, Crease Tool, Light Pen, 3 pens, in operation

87″ x 120″ Kongsberg Sampletable model XL44 

2015, excellent condition, in operation

“89”” x 120″” Gerber Innovations Sampletable


2012 year, 2.25″” Foam cutting head, Full range of substrate cutting/creasing/plotting compatibility, Built-in safety beam security system, Windows Front End CAM software, in operation

90″ Universal Sample Maker


under power

96″ RJE Sample Maker


Model ST891 manual slotter, scorer and cut off knife, S# R9049, good condition



2 bar slitter, jaw slotter, creaser bar, not under power

Universal Sample Table


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