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75″ x 86″ Data Technology Samplemaker


Model DT2200, Reciprocating Knife, Crease Tool, Light Pen, 3 pens, in operation

“89”” x 120″” Gerber Innovations Sampletable


2012 year, 2.25″” Foam cutting head, Full range of substrate cutting/creasing/plotting compatibility, Built-in safety beam security system, Windows Front End CAM software, in operation

90″ Universal Sample Maker


under power

90″ Universal Sample Maker


18″ Preumatic Jaw Slotter, not under power

96″ RJE Sample Maker


Model ST891 manual slotter, scorer and cut off knife, S# R9049, good condition

Aoke Sample Table


Sizes: 63″ x 98″ up to 78″ x 137″, includes computer, software



2 bar slitter, jaw slotter, creaser bar, not under power

Universal Sample Table


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